Artist statement

I learned many skills associated with women, as well as non-traditional work that offered a living, while growing up in a period that saw the dissolution of small self sufficient communities in Maine. The traditional roll of women became somewhat obsolete, even discarded, in an era electric with change. Pursuing autonomy gave me the opportunity to appreciate life flying by the seat of my pants. I have always believed that there is more to intuition than meets the eye, and fortunately, I was encouraged to develop this gift as a young woman. It always felt right to believe in it, in spite of results that, to the naked eye, seemed somewhat contrary to common sense. Yet, "illogical judgment will lead to new experience." The right words to express these changes were often not found. What was much more important to me was an uncommon awareness that validated me.

Life decision moments can imprint an everyday action into ones memory forever. Through art, not language, I became a maker of meaning, unmasking and reforming a response better suited to me. Watching an icicle melting in the winter sun, touching a keepsake, falling upstairs, my first drawing class, fox trotting with my mother, walking in the woods, my children, and poetry that weaves dreams. A collection of temporary moments placed on a shelf, ready to be taken down when the creative spirit moves. I have discovered a place, a sense of the here and now, that would allow me to develop and express what had colloquially been called odd.

Artistically, I have focused on material that I understand on a technical level. Steel and stainless steel are heavy, solid materials. My intent has been to dispel these impressions, giving the metal qualities of motion and weightlessness. This study, somewhat subversive to the traditional treatment of this mean material, transforms it into sculpture that gives consideration to an integrated and instinctive process. Similarly, it is much the same for my reliefs and drawings. The excitement that I have felt in developing a creative avenue for intuitive feelings reminds me of dream discovery. The difference being that the symbols that I make in art are tangible expressions of what is important to me at this time and place in my life.